Admissions Response

This page includes information that will help you determine if you want to enroll at Kibo. At the end of the page, you will submit a form to reply to your offer of admission.

1 - Watch Video

Watch the video below for an overview of the enrollment and admissions process 

2 - Review the enrollment agreement and Catalog

Review a copy of the enrollment agreement here. This is just a draft and you will sign your agreement once you decide to enroll. The agreement includes:

  • Personal information
  • Program information: Note that your enrollment agreement is for a 1-year Diploma in Computer Science. Kibo School offers a stackable degree program that enables you to earn a credential each year towards a Bachelor’s degree. You are enrolling in the 1-year Diploma program, after which you will have the opportunity to continue to earn your degree. As long as you make satisfactory academic progress, you do not need to re-apply to continue towards the degree.
  • Tuition and fees: information about any scholarships you have been offered, outstanding tuition fees, and payment and refund policies
  • Acknowledgment and clarifications

You can also read the Catalog for details on academic policies and procedures.

If you have questions, concerns or need clarification about your offer of admission, please contact us on WhatsApp or via email at

Please, check this box.

3 - Submit response form

Submit the form below to accept or decline your offer of admission. We sincerely hope you will join us but even if you decide not to, please complete the form to decline your offer so that we may offer the spot to those on the waiting list. 

Select an option below to respond to your offer of admission

We’re sorry that you have declined the offer of admission. Please explain why below:

Thank you for your response. We are delighted to welcome you to Kibo. Complete the steps on the following pages to enroll and prepare for class.