Preparing for Class

Setup your technology

Every student must have a fully-operating personal laptop on which to do their work. The
minimum laptop requirements are: 

  • At least 1.5GHz processor or faster
  • At least 8GB of Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • At least 64GB of Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage
  • A fully-functioning keyboard and screen and a battery that holds a charge
  • Built-in or external speakers (hard-wired or bluetooth speakers are acceptable)
  • Built-in or external webcam
  • High-speed internet connection with minimum upload and download speeds of 25Mbps
  • Windows 10 or later, MacOS 10.15 or later, or a recent (last two years) version of Linux. ChromeOS is not supported.

You will receive a guide to set up your laptop and install all necessary software before orientation. You must use a personal computer (not a borrowed one) as you will need to have admin credentials to install software on the machine.

Most of your classes will require a live 90-minute online class each week. It is critical that you have good bandwidth/data to support your participation during this class. You will be expected to be on video, and able to participate actively in class. We recommend that you have a backup data source (e.g., a second MiFi network) in the event that your primary data source experiences a slowdown during class.

Meet with your advisor and complete pre-work

Once you pay your enrollment deposit, you will receive information on

  • Pre-work and setup steps that you must complete before orientation. You should expect to spend 4-8 hours on pre-work
  • Setting up time with your advisor. You will have a video call with your advisor to ensure you are ready for class.

Attend Orientation

You are required to attend new student virtual orientation. Orientation begins the week of July 3, 2023. Orientation will introduce you to the support systems and community at Kibo School in order to maximize your success. Orientation will include both synchronous and asynchronous components.

More information and a full schedule of orientation will be provided to you. In the meantime, you should ensure that you are free

  • Monday through Thursday from 3pm - 8pm GMT for virtual activities on Zoom
  • Saturday for an in-person meetup in your local hub. This is one of the biggest highlights of orientation week and though not required, it is not to be missed!

More information and a full schedule of orientation will be provided to you.  

Prepare for class 

Most of your classes require that you attend a weekly live class which will typically last for 90 minutes. Classes will take place on weekdays between 15:00 - 20:00 GMT. You can convert to your local time zone here. Please plan accordingly. You will receive a class schedule and register for class in the weeks leading up to orientation.

We’re excited to welcome you to the Kibo learning community! If you or your sponsors have additional questions or concerns as you consider your decision, please contact us at or on WhatsApp. We would be happy to set up a video call to clarify any questions.

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